HomeLyceum of the Philippines-Laguna Research Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2012)

The Effect of the Dynamic Education Intervention Program in the Fundamentals of English Course

Anna Kagaoan | Gerby Muya | Celia Tibayan | Nelson Tenorio

Discipline: Education



A study to determine the effect of the Dynamic Education (DynEd) intervention program in selected English classes was conducted among 515 students enrolled in Fundamentals of English course. The DynEd program is integrated in the teaching of the freshmen English classes in a semester. A placement test that provides the pre-test scores was administered to the students during the second week of classes. At the end of the course, a post test was administered. The classes were taught by five teachers and the students were distributed among the six colleges of the institution. Comparative analysis using t-test was done on the pretest and post test scores of the students in the DynEd program. The overall pre-test score ranges from 0 to 2.7, while the post test score ranges from 0.20 to 3.50. Both the pre-test and post test percentages have 50 as the minimum value, however the maximum percentage for the pre-test is 95 while on the post test is 99. The mean score in the pre-test is 1.18 while in the post test is 1.30. The mean pre-test percentage is

83.70 while in the post test is 83.10. Using the paired t-test, results show a significant increase in the post test score from its pre-test score (t=4.679, p = .000). Results of analysis of variance test show that there is significant difference in the post test scores among students of the six colleges and there is significant difference among students taught by five different teachers. There are significantly higher positive increments in the scores both in the test scores and the test percentages. Results have shown that the integration of the Dyned program helped students achieve better learning through the improvement of their test scores.