HomeRoot Gatherersvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

Determination of the Nitrite Contents as a Food Preservative in Three Tuna Products from the Selected Branded and Homemade Producers in General Santos City

Venchie C. Badong | Lloyd Jason H. Gualvez | Judy S. Manliguis

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology



This study was conducted to determine the level of nitrites in selected commercial and homemade tuna products such as chorizo, embutido and nuggets from General Santos City; to assess the levels of nitrites based on the tolerable limit of 10 ppm under FDA standard; and to evaluate levels of nitrite content in terms of types of tuna products. Determination of nitrites in the predetermined samples was done using Spectroquant Pharo 300 Photometer. Analyses conducted to three types of tuna products of two different brands. Findings show that branded tuna products (brand A) have lower concentration of nitrites than Homemade (brand B). Of the three types of tuna tested in Brand A, chorizo showed the highest concentration of nitrite. Whereas, Embutido in brand B showed almost 10 times higher nitrite concentration. Moreover, Brand A conformed to the allowable limit while brand B have exceeded the allowable concentration. There is no significant difference in the levels of nitrite concentration on the three types of tuna products in Brand A. This indicates that nitrite concentrations do not differ significantly with each other. However, an existing significant difference on the nitrite concentration of Brand B products. This showed higher concentrations of nitrites. Higher than 10 ppm may pose risk on the health of the consumer since this likely produces carcinogenic N- nitrosamines by the reaction of sodium nitrite with amino acids in heat and acidic environments. Therefore, Government authorities must monitor standard specification of nitrites.