HomeUERMMMC Journal of Health Sciencesvol. 10 no. 1 (2007)

Experience with the Use of Sulodexide (Vessel Due F) and Pentoxifyline (Trental) in Patients with Vasculopathic Cranial Nerve Daisies

E.m. Bernardo Iii | Verman G. Guevara | L.d. Cloma | J. M. Tamesis | P T. Villalon



Objective. This study aims to review possible treatment modalities for patients with vasculopathic cranial nerve palsies, specifically, sulodexide and pentoxifylline which could hasten recovery from debilitating diplopia.


Method. All charts of patients with cranial nerve palsies from January 2002 - October 2006 from a private clinic were reviewed. A total of 41 patients were included in this study: 27 patients with CN VI palsy, 10 patients with CN III palsy and 4 patients with CN IV palsy.


Results. Mean age for the population reviewed was 67.0 years. Mean duration for diabetes mellitus was 6.6 years; mean duration for hypertension was 7.4 years. Improvement was noted in both groups in two weeks. For most patients treated with sulodexide, complete resolution was evident by a month. For most patients treated with pentoxifylline, complete resolution was seen by 1 112 months.


Conclusion. Pentoxifylline and Sulodexide treatment shortened the duration of debilitating diplopia in patients suffering from vasculopathic cranial nerve palsies.