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Factors Associated with the Patronage of Ukay-Ukay Products in Davao City

Francis Villa | Jealene Bautista | Jonathan Parecto | Ralf Rivera | Roy Jordan | Sheila Pearl Centillas | Emma V. Sagarino

Discipline: Economics, Social Science



Selling of branded second hand clothes and apparels has become one of the lucrative micro-businesses in the Philippines today because many Filipinos love to enjoy these so called “ukay-ukay” (a Visayan term for dig-up) products. Recycling these used products from other countries might have inherent risks yet many consumers continue to patronize them. Thus, this investigation was made primarily to identify the factors that give rise to the patronage of “ukay-ukay” commodities in Davao City, Philippines. With the aid of researchers-made questionnaire, surveys were administered to 388 purposively chosen respondents whose bulk is composed of 16 to 20 year old (55%) and students (58%). Results of the study revealed that affordability is the major factor why the respondents bought from “ukay-ukay” shops and this could be attributed to their low level of monthly family income – estimating below Ten Thousand Pesos and not yet earning their own money because they are still studying. The other factors included conventional reasons such as durability, wide array of choices and availability of branded products at a low cost. More so, clothes are best buys for occasional shopping. Group references, like relatives, friends and co-workers, influenced the respondents in buying “ukay-ukay” products.