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Level of Knowledge and Consumer Response on Integrated Marketing Communication of Selected Fast Food Centers in Davao City

Kenneth Joseph A. Allida | Erma Marie G. De Los Santos | Christian Harvey T. Mateus | Melody Jobell A. Olivo | Luis Anton H. Pacana | Stephanie Anne D. Soriano | Emma V. Sagarino

Discipline: Marketing



Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) as an approach to reach the target market of a particular brand or product is instrumental in achieving market-related objectives of various businesses. IMC requires large investment and for this reason the researchers were motivated to find whether the efforts of marketing agencies are really working. Thus, this investigation intended to gauge whether the consumers have really absorbed and responded well on the stimuli about Jollibee Foods and Mc Donalds on the last quarter of 2012. This study used the descriptive correlation design. It was conducted in the downtown area of Davao City, particularly in the streets of Ilustre, Bonifacio, Anda, San Pedro and CM Recto. A researcher-made questionnaire was used to collect data and this contains 6 multiple choice questions and 8 Likert-scaled questions. Results showed that 48.75% of the respondents are fairly knowledgeable towards sales promotion strategies used by the said fast food chains. Further, respondents are responsive towards these strategies such as provision of affordable meals and offerings of discounts. However, in this study, statistical data have not established the significant role of Integrated Marketing Communication to entice consumers to patronize fast food products.