HomeJPAIR Multidisciplinary Research Journalvol. 9 no. 1 (2012)

Bisu Main Campus Electrical Energy Consumption: Basis For Improvement

Ivy M. Bagsac | Roland Gabo | Teofanes Sarabosing | Dave Pojadas | Anacleta K. Perez | Mae Remedios Virtucio

Discipline: Education



The research was conducted at the Bohol Island State University Main Campus. It aims to assess the status of the electrical power system of the university as well as determine the perceptions of the electrical experts on the satisfaction rating of the school’s electrical system. It was found out that the overall rating of the electrical system of BISU Main Campus is “fair”. This means that there are several aspects that need improvement such as the implementation of a maintenance program and the hiring of maintenance personnel. The researchers recommend that the personnel should not be the instructors themselves but designated electrical technologists must be hired. Furthermore, there should be a periodic inspection so that defects may be detected and given remedies the earliest time possible to avoid accidents. There should also be fund allotment that should be imposed for the maintenance and personnel. Furthermore, the university must purchase more electrical supplies, tools and equipment solely for electrical maintenance. There must also be a separate maintenance shop for maintenance purpose only. An alternative electrical power source should be employed by the university such as the solar power. Because of the very high and expensive electrical energy consumption, there is a need to use a more efficient alternative source and that is the solar power.