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Learning for Jobs: Flexible Learning in Vocational Education and Training

Jana Petnuchová | Roman Hrmo

Discipline: Education

The Study of Effect Meta Theoretical Curricula’s Implementation in Educational Performances of Tehran Universities in Educational Science

Mohammad Reza Sarmadi | Hassan Shahraki Pour | Negar Elhamian

Discipline: Education

Academic Reading Proficiency of Freshmen in the College of Education of DMMMSU-SLUC: Input to the Design of Instructional Modules for English 101

Dionisio M. Uychoco

Discipline: Education

Competencies in the Workplace of the Bachelor of Science in Fisheries Graduates of the Western Philippines University

Elsa Carmen N. Montaño | Nelson S. Salvador

Discipline: Education

Psycholinguistic Extracts and Socio-Cultural Imprints in Job Application Discourses: A Genre Analysis

Emmanuel J. Songcuan

Discipline: Psychology

Instructional Assessment of Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) Program

Vangilit G. Retome | Nonita C. Estrella | Avelina Sarvida | Imelda Yaoyao | Gary C. Garcia | Dominador Granada

Discipline: Education

Students’ Beliefs toward Mathematics as Related to Their Performance in College Algebra

Gary C. Garcia

Discipline: Education

Employability of Teacher Education Graduates of an Asian Public University

Helen Bihag-boholano

Discipline: Education

Automated Class Scheduling System

Jeralyn M. Gamale | Edward C. Anuta | Zina D. Sayson

Discipline: Education

College Academic Performance of Teacher Education Students in a State University of Northern Philippines

Juanita B. Pascua | Jane D. Navalta | Leila M. Dela Cruz | Julius S. Valderama

Discipline: Education

Americanizing the Sulu Sultanate: Fragrance/Nightmare of U.S. Foreign Policy (circa 1898)

Michael Vincent P. Caceres

Discipline: History

Teaching Practices Promoting Communication Opportunities in the Language Class

Samuel S. Poliden

Discipline: Education

Bisu Main Campus Electrical Energy Consumption: Basis For Improvement

Ivy M. Bagsac | Roland Gabo | Teofanes Sarabosing | Dave Pojadas | Anacleta K. Perez | Mae Remedios Virtucio

Discipline: Education

Students’ Opinion on the Faculty Performance Evaluation Instrument

Francis Ann R. Sy | Violeta B. Felisilda

Discipline: Education

Extent of Systems Performance of Caraga State University, Butuan City, Mindanao, Philippines

Alvaro L. Salingay

Discipline: Education

Effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning Approach to the Students’ Problem Solving Performance

Sylvino V. Tupas

Discipline: Education

The Six-Month Internship Training Program for Medical Laboratory Science Education: An Initial Evaluation

Anacleta P. Valdez | Citadel A. Panganiban | Kevin Roi L. Lumanglas | Katreen A. Calingasan | Roxanne S. Divino | Pearl Janine P. Guico | Glenn S. Montalbo | Jhejiel M. Pronobe

Discipline: Education

Modular Instruction in Biology: Its Effect on Students’ Performance

Archel A. Bedaure

Discipline: Education

Factors Associated with and Notions Concerning Stress of the Administration and Academic Personnel

Prose Ivy G. Yepes | Jude A. Duarte

Discipline: Education