HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Development and Evaluation of a Teaching Guide in English Plus

Sherill A. Gilbas | Tarcela F. Detera | Ritzelda A. Deri | Ryan D. Remolacio | Annabell Manga

Discipline: Education, English



The study devised a teacher-made test to identify the needs and difficulties of the students in English Plus and the results were utilized to revise and enrich the syllabus. The descriptive – evaluative method was employed in this research. A teacher-made test was administered to 200 students selected by random sample. Content analysis of the syllabi of the professors and instructors were used as basis in constructing the teacher-made test. The areas under the English Proficiency Test in the SSC Admission Test were also considered. Results of the study revealed that naming words, word groups and paragraph organization are areas with performance level (PL) of 0-49 and are considered as difficult while areas like vocabulary, modifiers and verbs with (PL) of 50-75 are considered as nearly difficult. These results are the basis of the revised and enriched syllabus. It is concluded that almost all competencies in the areas cited were all considered as needs and difficulties of the English Plus students. Thus, there is the need for the inclusion of these competencies in the syllabus and an outline of a teaching guide.