Claudio V. Tabotabo



Claudio V. Tabotabo is currently pursuing his degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature at University of the Philippines. He graduated Master of Arts in Literature from Ateneo de Zamboanga and Bachelor of Arts in English from Saint Estanislao Kostka College. He is a full-time faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department of TIP Manila. He is also an adviser of the TIP Voice, the Official School and Student Publication of TIP and the Ellipsis, the teachers’ and students’ literary folio of TIP Manila. 

Papers5 Cites/Paper 1.60 Cites/Author/Year 0.17
Potential Citations8 Cites/Author 4.00 h-index2
Year(s)24 Papers/Author 2.50 g-index2
Cites/Year 0.33 Authors/Papers 0.40 hI,annual 0.06