Leopoldo P. Sison Jr.

Affiliates: UERM

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Experiences of first year medical students from their teachers beyond the grave

Sison Jr., Leopoldo P. | Zulueta, Ma. Cristina E. | Butacan, Remigio Jay-ar Z. | Zulueta, Jose Luisito A.

The Filipino family in a pandemic: A crosssectional study on the state of the household environment of COVID-19 patients in the

Sison Jr., Leopoldo P. | Abuda, Katrina Nicole B. | Abad, Miguel A. | Abarca, Angela Nicole D. | Abayon, Devann Ross O. | Abeleda, Harold Emman P. | Abello, Patricia Nicole M. | Abne, Vince Joshua L. | Abrilla, Denise Michelle A. | Agbayani, Daniella L. | Agreda, Jill Andrea S. | Uy, Norbert Lingling D.

The correlation of population, population density, age, and sex to the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 among local government units in the National Capital Region

Sison Jr., Leopoldo P. | Vedan, Ron Carlo C. | Velasquez, Alixson M. | Ventura, Nina Patricia S. | Vigo, Estrella Natalia O. | Villanueva, Cristina P. | Villanueva, Crizelle Keith G. | Villareal, Geneve S. | Wee, Kimberly Anne D. | Yañga, Victor Antonio F. | Yap, Krista Mari P. | Yee, Ally Norr G. | Zambrano III, Dan H. | Zantua, Rik James S.

The correlation between the professional quality of life and job satisfaction of physicians and nurses currently working in COVID-19 areas of tertiary hospitals in Metro Manila and CALABARZON (Region IV-A)

Sison Jr., Leopoldo P. | Alvarez, Alessi Chloie T. | Aleta, Angelika Loren Y. | Aleta, Lawrence Vincent Y. | Almase, Karina Nicole A. | Aguit, Mark Joel L. | Al-Balawi, Sarah Fayesi R. | Alarcon, Alana Rae R. | Alcantara, Alliah Shantal M. | Alejandro, Janelle S. | Almadin, John Robert R. | Co-Hidalgo, Maribel Emma

Association between family dynamics and the length of screen time of preschool children in Quezon City: A cross-sectional study

Sison Jr., Leopoldo P. | Naval, Dione Gale B. | Nisce, Natalie Roxanne B. | Nifas, Pamela Grace P. | Monge, Jerard Iane R. | Mercado, Monica Marie V. | Mina, Kyla Dawn C. | Narvaez, Jan Robin D. | Najera, Maybelle Colyn U. | Montiveros, Myr Patricia F. | Mojica, Davy Martin R. | Monfort, Carlos Alberto Gerardo J. | Mendoza, Ray Alfonso M.

Necrotizing fasciitis in a patient with Chiari malformation Type II - a family case analysis

Javier, Ramon Jason M. | Sison Jr., Leopoldo P. | Butacan, Remigio Jay-ar Z. | Villarin, Marie Rosanna C.

Are risky behaviors associated with tattoos? The association of tattooing with non-sexual health risk behaviors among Filipino college students

Sison Jr., Leopoldo P. | Buñag, Jose Ma. Joaquin B. | Burgos, Gail B. | Caballes, Peter Jared Michael F. | Cabangon, Rachel Jean S. | Cabanilla, Von Merrylou D. | Cabero, Paolo Miguel Y. | Cacao, Juan Carlo M. | Cagampan, Daniella Marie L. | Calipjo, Ma. Antonette P. | Candelario, Reubenne A. | Canoza, Jacqueline D. | Cantalejo, Kenneth E. | Jerez-Bagain, Carolyn Pia | Libranda, Gerald Caesar O.