Julius Ceazar G. Tolentino

Email: jcgtolentino@dhvsu.edu.ph

Affiliates: 1College of Education, Don Honorio Ventura State University, Bacolor 2001, Pampanga, Philippines

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Sustaining Pre-Service Teachers’ Virtual Engagement in a Health Education Course through Interactive Buzz Sessions

Tolentino, Julius Ceazar G. | Dizon, Stephanie G. | Fernandez, Paula Mae Q. | Serrano, Jewel Marie M. | Mungcal, Kervyl S. | Da-langin, Harold Raven S. | Valenzuela, Luwy R.

Fitness status of visually impaired learners in the Philippines: A sequential explanatory analysis

Tolentino, Julius Ceazar G. | Uy, Gilda L. | Dimarucut, Alberto L. | Gregorio, Julie D.

Gamification in a Virtual Ecology (GIVE): Enhancing Classroom Engagement in Physical Education among Senior High School Students

Tolentino, Julius Ceazar G. | Valenzuela, Luwy R. | Marcaida, John Louise M. | Ortega, Hans Christian A. | Castañeda, Edzel S. | Cadeliña, Pamela Mae M. | Garcia, Rolan Randolf I.

A Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis of School-Based Physical Activity Research

Tolentino, Julius Ceazar G. | Dofredo, Kyla H. | Pinlac, Jelene T. | Pineda, Kylah R. | Gatus, Lovely L. | Briñas, Norlito Nickson N. | Miranda, John Paul P.

Fostering Pre-service Physical Educators’ Retention of Concepts in a Professional Education Course using Moneypoly Game

Tolentino, Julius Ceazar G. | Valenzuela, Luwy R. | Castro, Rafael Luis G. | Almario, John Ivan F. | Pabustan, Carl Jemuel S. | David, Christian Jay P. | Macabali, Allen J.

Implementation of the Revitalized Tertiary Physical Education Program in a Higher Education Institution in Pampanga Grounded on the Statutory Policy of the Commission on Higher Education and UNESCO’s Quality Physical Education Model

Tolentino, Julius Ceazar G. | Sinio, Christian D.

Discipline: sport and exercise sciences