Manuel R. Tanpoco

Affiliates: Department of Decision Sciences and Innovation, De La Salle University 1004, Philippines

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The Moderating Role of Financial Literacy on the Effects of Subjective Norms, Product Involvement, and Perceived Behavioral Control on Investment Intention of Young Investors from a Mobile Wallet App in the Philippines

Katalbas, Rizal Ezmin G. | Tanpoco, Manuel R. | An, Jeongweon | Roxas, Rafael Raymond Phillip M. | Orlina, Joshua Zachary

The Impact of Reflective Leadership on Workplace Belongingness: A GenderInclusive Analysis Using a Convergent Mixed Methods Approach

Tanpoco, Manuel R. | Caminong, Joliber M. | Morales, Retchell Rublin L. | Pitargue, Kevin S.

Assessing the Influence of Source Characteristics, Psychological-Related Factors, and Content Attributes on Purchase Intention: The Case of an International Cosmetics Company in the Philippines

Tanpoco, Manuel R. | Caminong, Joliber M. | Morales, Retchell Rublin L. | Alonte, Alexis Therese L. | Nubla, Candace Anne D. | Ramirez de Arellano, Dominique Marie B. | Torres, Ralph Phillip F.

Thriving in Constraints:Exploring the Interplay of Human Capital, Social Capital, and Financial Constraints in Frugal Innovationwithin Family Businesses

Tanpoco, Manuel R. | Caminong, Joliber M. | Alumno, Timothy Allan D. | Azurin, Raya Gabriele T. | Dumayas, John Renz I. | Tan, Sherleen G.

Discipline: Business

Factors Contributing to Business Failure and Eventual Exit among Selected Tutorial Service Centers

Sarreal, Emilina R. | Tanpoco, Manuel R. | Crisologo, Ma Louise Gena D.

Discipline: Management

Unlocking Internet of Things (IoT) for Enhanced Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Diverse Industry Players in the Philippines

Tanpoco, Manuel R. | Caminong, Joliber M. | Sangalang, Raven Marie F. | Ancla, Lawrence Xavier C. | Chong, Miko Dominic L. | Wang, Jason Chester S. | Morales, Retchell Rubin L.

Discipline: Information Technology