Henry E. Lemana II

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Affiliates: English as a Foreign Language Teacher, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Communication strategies of English majors in Philippine classroom discourses: Basis for an enhancement module on strategic competence

Lemana II, Henry E.


Mecida, Sherry V. | Lemana II, Henry E. | Barron, Krisna Rika O. | Oberez, Andre Eldridge O. | Sampulna, Alraiza K. | Huesca, Sheryn Mae M. | Bailan, Sabrie K. | Sajorga, Mike Jones E. | Sarceda, Tristan Kyle O. | Teniero, Queenie Rose T. | Baculi, Orczy Louis Edniel W.

Delving into the Spoken English of T’boli ESL Learners: A Descriptive Study

Lemana II, Henry E. | Barcibal, Remar | Abaigar, Caroline

The Mediating Role of Sports Emotions in Coach-Athlete Relationship and Athletes’ Sports Engagement

Lemana II, Henry E. | Longakit, Jet | Rodriguez, Deljun | Aque Jr., Felix | Alag, Yasmina

Discipline: Education

Rationalizing the Root of Rudeness: Triggers of Impoliteness in Online Comments Towards Department of Education and Its Learning Delivering Modalities During the Pandemic

Mamonong, Virgion H. | Pasana, Christian Jay R. | Lemana II, Henry E.

Discipline: Education

Exploring the Teacher Experience: A Phenomenological Inquiry Into DepEd's Drop- Everything-And-Read (DEAR) Program

Lemana II, Henry E. | Doronio III, Felinita | Llaneta, Gretchen Mhee | Amarado, Jimmar | Bucag, Ana Lou | Comeros, Mherriel Joy

Discipline: Education

Unveiling the Essence of ‘Next Normal’ School Leadership: A Photovoice Exploration

Lemana II, Henry E. | Cornelio, Grace | Verdadero, Marites | Villorijo, Vince Jayson | Zabala, Theresa | Ruego, Emee

Discipline: Education

Navigating the Digital Age: Insights from Gen X Educators in the Philippines

Lemana II, Henry E. | Rulona, Junnitte | Bretaña, May Grace | Mortalla, Remark | Abordo, Cyndiarelle | Barnes, Jayson

Discipline: Education

Online teaching experiences during a global crisis: Private school teachers’ narratives in the Emirates

Lemana II, Henry E. | Torres, John Rey L. | Cabiling, Karla Jane P. | Ahmad, Crizjale V.