Michael Jere Abiol

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Factors that Correlate Between Dividend Signaling and Dividend Acceleration Through Digital Investment Among Online Investors in Iligan City

Aguilar, Jay Cob | Perion, Jenvy | Sanchez, Lady Lou | Abiol, Michael Jere

Enhancing Workplace Performance: Exploring the Influence of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on Employees’ Productivity in Iligan City's Appliance Retail Industry

Abiol, Michael Jere | Baluarte, Zoemarie | Tocmo, Cielo Vincent | Pendang, Ma. Lynflora | Hamoy, George | Lee, Tiaolito Ruben

The Relationship and Influence Between 4p’s Subsidy and Financial Literacy Through Universal Basic Income Among the Beneficiaries of Selected Barangays in Iligan City

Abiol, Michael Jere | Eleoran, Angelica T. | Castillon, Marchie C. | Manlosa, Razel Mae D. | Bahala, Dianne Therese Marie C.

Perceived Credit Risk of Micro Finance Loans among Micro-enterprises Business in Población Iligan City

Abiol, Michael Jere | Juventud, Windy M. | Matigas, Elery Ann O. | Himongala, Jenny | Galla, Malou R.

The Influence of Interpersonal Skills of Working Students on Client Service Satisfaction in a Higher Educational Institution

Abiol, Michael Jere | Abejo, Chaldea G. | Adanza, Diosa Ruby Anne G. | Indoc, Sheila Mae P. | Salvador, Haniza N. | Uy, Mary Niña J.

The Study on The Relationship Between Promotional Strategies to Freshmen Students’ Perceptions and Needs in A Higher Educational Institution in Iligan City

Abiol, Michael Jere | Pendang, Ma. Lynflora | Guro, Princess Diamond B. | Iman, Jimm M. | Madura, Rhodo Feliah