Janelle P. Castro

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Interpersonal Relationship Competencies of Health Care Providers as Motivator to Compliance of Patients to DOTS

Castro, Janelle P.

Association between parental authority prototype and perceived self-esteem of adolescent nursing students at UERMMMCI

Basinang, Karieza Genese E. | Castro, Janelle P. | Tenorio, Maegan Therese V. | Valencia, Katrina Mae T. | Villora, Ralph Emmanuel M. | Violan, Maria Decerie J.

Lived experiences of Filipino Red Cross volunteer nursing students in COVID-19 vaccination programs

Castro, Janelle P. | Granado, Ysabela Gabrielle D. | Oasan, Anika Camille S. | Oyos, Nicole Rose . | Quiambao, Ma. Wyrona G. | Reyes, Seth Matthew C. | Riñosa, Ma. Denise Christine F. | Sanchez, Arlly Mae M. | Palola, Tricia Kaye F.

A correlational study of burnout, compassion fatigue, and moral injury related to resilience of nurses in COVID-19 wards of a public hospital in Metro Manila

Castro, Janelle P. | Bautista, Adam Zedrick Z. | Baptista, Mark Joshua T. | Cortez, Alexine Jan Kiana D. | Echaluse, Ivanabel E. | Guiling, Erica Kaye A. | Sabando, Joshua M. | Tolentino, Jill Hannah N. | Varez, Alena Kyrene C. | Molo, Jocelyn M. | Valerio, Tricia Kaye P.

Relationship of trust on selected health information sources and COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among older adults

Castro, Janelle P. | Palola, Tricia Kaye F. | Molo, Jocelyn M. | Tung, Eunice Simone | Ballescas, Danielle Janica | Balquiedra, Xyle Arani Ysabel B. | Carig, Rowell Kian B. | Sanchez, Rommel Angelo P. | Santos, Vincent Gerald M.

Discipline: Health