Article List (w/ International Relations Discipline)

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An ASEAN-ARF Administered Cooperative Community: Toward the Solution of the South China Sea Dispute

Delariarte, Victor L.

Discipline: International Relations

International Student Collaboration and Experiential Exercise Projects as a Professional, Inter-Personal And Inter-Institutional Networking Platform

Vargas-hernández, José G. | De León-arias, Adrián | Valdes-zepeda, Andrés | Castillo-Girón, Víctor Manuel

Discipline: Education, International Relations

The World Trade Organization (WTO)

Paurom, Ferdinand C.

Discipline: Business, Finance, International Relations

Notes on Deportation from Malaysia

Cabaraban, Magdalena C. | Fernandez, Ederlina M.

Discipline: Law, International Relations

On the Hot Issues in Sino-U.S. Trade

Guo-an, Wang

Discipline: International Relations

Split-Level Americanization: A Case Study of Mcdonaldized Philippines

Cruz, Isagani R.

Discipline: International Relations

Phenomenological Reflections on the Conditions of Cultural and Ideological Encounters and Conflicts

Lerner, Rosemary R.p.

Discipline: International Relations, Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Philippine-German Relations Before and During the Revolution

Bacareza, Hermogenes E.

Discipline: International Relations

A Review of the Advisory Opinions of International Court of Justice for Kosovo Declaring Independence Case

Jiarong, Lin

Discipline: International Relations

The Scarborough Shoal Dispute: An Analysis of the Dispute Resolution Mechanisms under International Law

Taton, Rodel A.

Discipline: International Relations

Compliance with International Law on Trafficking by the Philippines: A Critical Analysis

Vedaña, Mariesther B.

Discipline: Social Science, International Relations

Hearts Apart: In the Eyes of Miriam Students

Chavez, Maria Lourdes L. | Alfonso, Ma. Victoria G.

Discipline: International Relations, Social Studies

he Reaffirmed US-Japan Alliance: A Liberal Project or a Realist Artifact?

De Castro, Renato Cruz

Discipline: International Relations

Malaysia's Role in the Peace Negotiations between the Philippine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front

Santos Jr., Soliman M.

Discipline: International Relations