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Microfinance Indian Style

Guerra, Annabelle E. | Yacas, Joel

Discipline: Business, Finance

The Phenomena of Bank Mergers

Jalagat Jr., Revenio C. | Condeza, Felixberto C.

Discipline: Economics, Business, Finance

The World Trade Organization (WTO)

Paurom, Ferdinand C.

Discipline: Business, Finance, International Relations

The Financial Performance and Problems of Lending Investors

Lerin, Mariano M.

Discipline: Finance

Compliance with Corporate Governance Mechanisms among Rural Banks

Lerin, Mariano M.

Discipline: Governance, Finance

Microfinancing Program of City Social Welfare and Development Office: Integrated Development of Beneficiaries in Butuan City

Lozano, Emiliana J.

Discipline: Finance

Predictors of Development of Microfinance Beneficiaries in the Rural Villages of Northeastern Mindanao, Philippines

Lozano, Emiliana J.

Discipline: Finance

The Impact of Newspaper Reportage of Natural and Human Tragedies on the Performance of the Philippine Stock Market

Gabriel, Percival S.

Discipline: Economics, Finance

Social Budget and the Human Development Index of Region XI: Basis for a Socio-Economic Model

Bonghanoy, Guillermo B. | Trumpeta, Jennie S.

Discipline: Economics, Finance

 Satisfaction Domains of Rural Bank Clients: A Path Analysis

Gempes, Gloria P. | Sudaria, Ronel V.

Discipline: Finance

Microfinance as a Vital Tool for Micro-Enterprise

Mapote, Mario C. | Mostoles, Sherwin T. | Collado, Teresita S.

Discipline: Economics, Finance

Teachers’ Intention to Teach Financial Literacy in Singapore: A Path Analysis of an Extended Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB)

Teo, Timothy | Lee, Chwee Beng | Koh, Noi Keng

Discipline: Economics, Education, Business, Finance

Risk, Return, And International Capital Movements: A Survey

Quisumbing, Ma. Agnes R.

Discipline: Finance

Keynote Paper: Antecedents of the Global Financial Crisis: A Multi-Factorial Phenomenon

Tetangco Jr., Amando M.

Discipline: Social Science, Finance

Global Economic Imbalances Triggering the Financial Crisis

Tullao Jr., Tereso S.

Discipline: Social Science, Finance

Asset Booms and Macroeconomic Outcomes

Gochoco-bautista, Maria Socorro

Discipline: Economics, Social Science, Finance

Regulatory Factors that Contributed to the Global Financial Crisis

Espenilla Jr., Nestor A.

Discipline: Social Science, Finance

Unemployment Threat of the Financial Crisis

Castillo, Paulynne J.

Discipline: Social Science, Finance

Department of Labor and Employment’s Response to the Impact of the Financial Crisis

Soriano, Maria Teresa M.

Discipline: Social Science, Finance

Global Economic Crisis: Impacts and Policy Options

Park, Cyn-young

Discipline: Economics, Social Science, Finance

Impact of the Financial Crisis on the Philippine Financial Markets

Saldaña, Cesar G.

Discipline: Social Science, Finance

Synthesis and Distillation of Policy Issues: What Should Governments Do? The Global Financial Crisis as a Market and Government Failure

Teehankee, Julio C.

Discipline: Social Science, Finance

This study analyzed the factors that have contributed to the increase in wage inequality among male workers in the Philippines. Using the Fields (2003) framework as a decomposition platform, the validity of the usual parametric specification of the wage-e

Aquino, Nimpha M.

Discipline: Economics, Marketing, Business, Finance

Modeling Volatility of Islamic Stock Indexes: Empirical Evidence and Comparative Analysis

Chiadmi, Mohammed Salah

Discipline: Finance

Financial Literacy and Financial Management Practices of Employees in a Private University

Aldovino, Carmen A. | Pangiligan, Ashley D. | Bermude, Ralyn E.

Discipline: Finance

Beyond Income and Balance Sheet: Measuring Quedancor Region X

Bokingo, Kizzy Ann R.

Discipline: Finance, Management

“May Perang Dumadaan Lang sa Palad, Merong Padala, at May Padulas din”: Paniniwala’t Pananaw sa Pera at Palagay sa Pandaigdigang Krisis Pampinansiya = Remittance, Red Tape, Rent: Filipino Minimum Wage Earners’ Attitude About Money

Javier Jr., Roberto E.

Discipline: Economics, Finance

Digitization of Microfinancing Operational Procedures

Narsico, Lalaine O. | Narsico, Peter G. | Andres, Judith L.

Discipline: Finance

Awareness and Attitude Towards Cryptocurrencies in Relation to Adoption among College Students in LPU-Laguna

Tun, Win Maw | Colegio, Princess | Contreras, Jan Ralcel | Escovidal, Jelsa Anne

Discipline: Finance


Maturuan, Mariela S. | Bajao, Jhoana An C. | Sitchon, Mary Joy F. | Moreno, Lexiel Ann M. | Torres, Dyna A.

Discipline: Finance

Utilization of funds of “Cabuyao Agriculture and Fishery Multi-purpose Cooperative” for Continuous Operation in the City of Cabuyao

Galang, Camille Jane P. | Garcia, Gerald A. | Sevilla, Camille T. | Romero, James Paul B.

Discipline: Finance

Application of Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory: Motivational Factors and Hygiene Factors in the Financial Industry

Ybañez, Romario

Discipline: Finance