vol. 22, no. 2 (2016)
International Journal of Education Research for Higher Learning


International Journal of Education Research for Higher Learning (formerly UIC Research Journal - International Edition) is a biannual refereed journal published by the Research, Publication, and Innovation Center (RPIC) of the University of the Immaculate Conception, which tackles significant issues in the disciplines of humanities and languages, natural and health sciences, mathematics and physical sciences, engineering and information technology, education and social sciences, and business. This periodical is committed in giving the faculty members the apt avenue to fully develop their intellectual traits through the publication of their research outputs and other scholarly endeavors.

Publisher: University of the Immaculate Conception

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Knowledge, Attitude and Interest on Biotechnology of Davao City High School Students: Basis for the Possibility of Offering the Degree in Higher Education

Mary Jane G. Barluado | Renan P. Limjuco | Christine L Decena | Clue L Dongalo | Faten J El Sharkawy | Sharon B Melo | Ira B Romine

Skill Performance and Clinical Core Competency Level of Clinical Pharmacy Graduates of the University of the Immaculate Conception: Basis for Curricular Enhancement

Ferlien Mae Baula Brieta

Students’ Appreciation of Utilization of Matrix Concepts in Cryptogram and Performance in Matrix Operations involving Invertible Matrices

Jollicris J Baranggan | Renan P. Limjuco

Integrating Art and Science in Teaching Mathematics: Its Effect to the Mathematics Performance of Selected First Year College Students

Ma. Lourdes P. Plarizan | Arcelie I Rufano

The Effect of Using Web 2.0 Technology in Learning Mathematics to the Mathematics Anxiety of the First Year Education Students of the University of the Immaculate Conception

Joel Jardeloza | Irene C Chiong | Ryle Gem Pechon

Perceived Acceptability and Difficulty of the Implementation of Senior High School - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Strand of Sorsogon State College

Aldrin John Jao Estonanto

The Radical Scavenging Activity and Effect on Liver Function Enzyme Marker Alanine Aminotransferase of the Flavonoid Extract from the Leaves of Himbabao (Broussonetia luzonica) Moraceae

Karina Marie S Batu | Lilian De la Merced

Antiangiogenic and Antioxidant Properties of Calamansi Citrus microcarpa Distilled Essential Oil and Amber Crude Oil

Maureen C Canda | Cherrie G. Muaña

Ficus septica Burm.: Pre-Evaluation on its Secondary Metabolites and Mutagenic Activity Using Solvents of Different Polarities

Judee N. Nogodula | Kathleen G. Bersabal

Potential Blood Glucose Lowering Activity of Formulated Freshly Prepared and Marketed Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera)

Sonia S. Morales | Cherrie G. Muaña

Comparison of Micronutrient Content and Sensory Acceptability of Horseradish - Enriched Commercial Foodstuff and their Prepared Versions

Mary Jane G. Barluado | Renan P. Limjuco | Marilou L. Vicente-tablizo | Chrisly Lianpee A Bangahon | Krystyl Almarie A Coresis | Fharis M Inocentes | Kathleen Claire P Margarse

Extent of Challenges Encountered by Community Pharmacists in Correlation to Patient Medication Counseling Capabilities

Valerie Lopez Fernandez

Arne Naess’ Ecosophy: Exploring the Overlap between Philosophy and Ecology

Raymundo R. Pavo

Jean-Paul Sartre and Gabriel Marcel Phenomenologies of Freedom: The Conception of Political Space on the Territorial Dispute Between China and the Philippines

Asisclo Iii M. Abonado | Alvin John J Neyra