vol. 2, no. 2 (2022)
International Research Journal of Science, Technology, Education, and Management

Publisher: Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology

Potential Citation/s: 474

ISSN 2799-0648 (Online)

ISSN 2799-063X (Print)

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Rectifying misconceptions on covalent bonding using cooperative learning, concrete models, and computer simulation: A case study

Phuntsho Dorji | Yonten Chophel

A closer look at neophyte teachers' instructional competence: A phenomenological study

Lynard Bobby L. Asirit | Jocelyn H. Hua | Lorenzo Mendoza

Support vector machine classification learning algorithm for diabetes prediction

Renas R. Asaad

Serbigo Serbisyo on the Go!: Online job order mobile application for non-professional workers

Kent Nolan P. Juliano | Wilmer Andre E. Cruzado | Kyle Daniel P. De Ramos | Mia V. Villarica

Communication strategies of English majors in Philippine classroom discourses: Basis for an enhancement module on strategic competence

Henry E. Lemana II

Treatment outcome and follow-up pattern of breast cancer patients with locally advanced and/or metastatic disease receiving intravenous chemotherapy during COVID-19 Pandemic: A descriptive correlational study

Paulo Martin B. Villanueva | Judy Ann B. Surtida | May Sabando

Performing homework using of ICT for graphical presentation of trigonometric functions: A qualitative analysis

Senad Orhani

Affective strategies in teaching and learning English as a Second Language (ESL)

Nadia Rose M. Sison

Quality assurance in selected medical schools in Metro Manila Philippines: Current practices and future directions

Fengyi Ma | Guangjun Tao

Assessment of servant leadership and ethical climate: The case of administrators and supervisors

Geff B Sagala | Ismael A. Haguisan Iii | Ene J. Bauden

Analyses on three-wheeled vehicles in relation to congestion: A case study in Bishoftu City, Ethiopia

Tenna Tesfaye Abebe | Mekete Deresso Garuno

Detection of Ascaris suum on Visayan warty pig Sus cebifrons in Negros Island, Philippines: A case report

Wilfredo V. Andico Jr.

Incorporating strategic management and competitive intelligence into library practice

Olabisi Fadeke Adesina | Zainab Olanihun Ambali | Medinat Dolapo Laaro | Tunde Toyese Oyedokun

K-12 online education during COVID-19 pandemic: Private school teachers’ perspective

Eric M. Ragpala

21st century competencies of teachers in teacher education institutions: Basis for designing faculty development program

Julie Ann B. Real

Job mismatch: The case of registered nurses in the Philippines

Kristine A. Condes | Toni-an B. Lachica

Lion algorithm: Overview, modifications and applications

Saman M. Almufti

Bilingualism: Its influence on the reading comprehension of college students

Adybier M. Lobaton

Effect of vitamin C and folate on heat-stressed chickens’ egg quality and daily egg production

Okocha I. Onuoha | Herbert Udo

Elementary teachers’ experiences and instructional challenges during the return to school after the COVID-19 closure in the Philippines

Potchong M. Jackaria

Understanding determinants of cloud computing adoption: A review of technology adoption models

Aminu Adamu Ahmed | Alhaji Adamu Saidu

Instrumental popular music and students’ reading comprehension: Basis for proposed reading remediation program

Ana Marie Diaz | Jasmin S. Villanueva

Non-specialized general education instructors’ confidence and self-efficacy in teaching general education subjects

Jherwin P. Hermosa | Richard C. Ampo