vol. 53, no. 1 (2007)
The Journal of History


The Journal of History is the official publication of the Philippine National Historical Society (first named Philippine Historical Society), an organization of historians and practitioners of history, organized in February 1941. It is a nationally refereed journal that publishes selected papers from the National Conferences on National and Local History of the Philippine National Historical Society which have been recommended by an Editorial Advisory Board. The Journal publishes articles on local/regional and national history presented by young and upcoming scholars as well as recognized historians and other specialists on Philippine culture and society. It promotes studies of local history in the context of national history and encourages multidisciplinary study in related social science disciplines. All the articles in the following journal issues of The Journal of History are for open access:

Publisher: Philippine National Historical Society

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Is there a Visayan Historiography?

Resil B. Mojares

Discipline: Philippine History

The Visayas: Islands in the Seas, A Historical Perspective (Series 2)

Earl Jude Paul L. Cleope

Discipline: Philippine History

The Historiography of Eastern Visayas Revisited

Rolando O. Borrinaga

Discipline: History, Philippine History

The Family in History

Maria Nela B. Florendo

Discipline: History, Philippine History

The Shari’ah in Muslim Filipino History

Calbi A. Asain

Discipline: Cultural and Ethnic Studies, Philippine History

A Preliminary Reading of Maragtas as Political Myth

Tomasito T. Talledo

Discipline: History, Philippine History

Church Bells as Historic Witnesses:The Case of Samar and Leyte

Regalado Trota Jose

Discipline: Philippine History

Bruna ‘Bunang’ Fabrigar: The Historical Pulahan Leader in Samar

Daniel C. Talde

Discipline: Philippine History

The Anguren Account of the Balangiga Incident, Its Context and Aftermath

Eustaquio B. Rosaldo | Rolando O. Borrinaga

Discipline: History, Philippine History

Sunken Warships in San Isidro, Leyte: Remnants of the Japanese Central Force in the Battle for Leyte Gulf?

Pablo U. Amascual Iii

Discipline: Philippine History

A History of the Growth of the Shipping Industry and the Development of the Port Area of Cebu before the American Era

Roquezon O. Rubia

Discipline: Business, Philippine History

Accommodation, Localization, and Resistance in Abra (1598-1898)

Isagani R. Cruz

Discipline: Philippine History, Ethnography

Retelling and Rewriting a Sad Refrain (Laguna during the Japanese Occupation)

Gil G. Gotiangco Jr Ii.

Discipline: Philippine History

From Mainstream to Revolution: Franciscan Activities in the Diocese of Nueva Cáceres, Kabikolan, 1768-1898

Stephen Henry S. Totanes

Discipline: Philippine History