Jay P. Picardal

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Affiliates: Cebu Normal University, Cebu Philippines

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The Species Composition and Associated Flora and Fauna of the Mangrove Forest in Badian, Cebu Island, Philippines

Valenzuela, Heinrich Y. | Bacalso, Almae D. | Gano, Carmi B. | Pilones, Kevin D. | Picardal, Jay P.

Discipline: Ecology

Ethnobotanical Inventory and Assessment of Medically-Important Plant Roots in Cebu Island, Philippines

Picardal, Jay P. | Miano, Rommel S. | Alonso, Charly Ann G. | Reuyan, Deralgine

Discipline: Botany, Medicine

The Species Composition and Associated Fauna of the Mangrove Forest in Tabukand Cabgan Islets, Palompon, Leyte, Philippines

Picardal, Jay P. | Avila, Stella Therese R. | Tano, Manolita F. | Marababol, Mario S.

A k–Parameter Analysis of Hardy–Weinberg Equilibrium Conditions for the Mangrove Species in Two Islets of Eastern Visayas, Philippines

Picardal, Jay P. | Padua, Roberto N. | Ontoy, Dexter S. | Tecson, Sherlenie

Phenotypic Characterization of Native Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) in Eastern Samar, Philippines

Picardal, Jay P. | Afable, Felix A. | Lagman, Ma. Carmen A. | Campoto, Edmundo A. | Palada, Eva P. | Valdez Jr., Marcos B.

Discipline: Agriculture, Environmental Conservation

Toxicity Evaluation and Anthelminthic Property of Cebu Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cebuense Kosterm.) Leaf Extracts

Picardal, Jay P. | Bilbao, Genette Chile D. | Alimpoos, Michael Ryan G. | Baguio, Jholvenjey N. | Sabal, Stephen V. | Ursal, Shiela Mae A.

Green Chemistry Education among Senior High School Chemistry Teachers: Knowledge, Perceptions, and Level of Integration

Picardal, Jay P. | Carangue, Dinna | Geverola, Immar Jun | Jovero, Marijul | Lopez, Eva Nina | Pizana, Aylene | Salmo, Josephine