Jose G. Perez






University of San Agustin, Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City, Philippines

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Physico-Chemical and Bacteriological Assessment of Wastewater in a University in Iloilo City

Melford, Chinwebudu Miller | Perez, Jose G.

Antibacterial, Antioxidant, and Cytotoxic Activity of Sea Hare (Dolabella Auricularia) Ink Secretions

Perez, Jose G. | Fuerte, Mark Anthony B. | Basco, Gerzyn May S. | Delfin, Amanda Mae A. | Fruelda, Angela Isabel O. | Magapa, Doreen Grace L. | Molino, Patricia Alexis C. | Pelingon, Jemima E. | Villamor, Dizza Marie B.

Prevalence and Antibiotic Resistance Patterns Among Clinical Isolates of Extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-Producing Gram-negative Bacteria at a Tertiary Hospital in Iloilo City, Philippines

Perez, Jose G. | Caras, Jenalyn Faith D.

Screening for Microalbuminuria among College Students

Perez, Jose G. | Peñaverde, Ferly V. | Peldonia, Dessah Mae J. | Pinuela, Cathlyn Leigh O. | Portillo, Mardeluna A. | Prudente, Jekkah May | Quiñon, Ma. Clarisse Anne B. | Ramos, Nicole Edrique C. | Relatorre, Jose III D. | Nava, Josef III T. | Perez, Abigail Marie V.

Hemostatic Activity of Chitosan from Squid Cuttlebone and Mud Crab Shell

Perez, Jose G. | Caras, Jenalyn Faith D. | Brasales, Carmel Anne | Bangonon, Kent Devin | Barredo, Sheena Joy | Celis, Wilcent John | Dela Cruz, Louie Bryn | Paller, Jun Rey | Sorongon, Thyrealle Frances | Teñales, Cherry Dee

Antibacterial Synergism of Amoxicillin and Mabolo (Diospyros blancoi) Leaf Extracts

Perez, Jose G. | Caras, Jenalyn Faith D. | Daza, Ma. Consuelo Martina S. | Armendares, Yocha Belle P. | Batino, Adrienne Krizty S. | Caya, Steven G. | Doromal, Hannah Marie Angelic | Galboso, Aldrin Jules F. | Lapac, Kathleen Chris G. | Pedregosa, Barby Ann P.