Alnoury Cauring


Affiliates: ARMM Regional Science High School

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Mental Health State of Selected High School Students of ARMM Regional Science High School Under Online, Modular, and Blended Classes

Calopez, Neo Manuel | Cauring, Alnoury

Discipline: Education

Assessment on the Application of Enhanced Adaptive Learning Materials (ALMs) to the Selected Bangsamoro Students

Cauring, Alnoury | Sionga, Princess Joy | Dadios, Mary Grace | Fernandez, Ashley Noelle

Discipline: Education

Alternative Remote Learning Habits of Junior High School Students of ARMM Regional Science High School Brought by Covid-19

Cauring, Alnoury | Escudero, Faiza

Discipline: Education

Perceptions on the Utilization of Grammarly Application to Enhance Students’ Research Writing Skills

Cauring, Alnoury | Sama, Norjanna | Boreros, Sheminith Love | Panansaran, Allea

Discipline: Education

2-In-1 Motion and Sound Powered Desk Lamp

Cauring, Alnoury | Adam, Mutmainna | Abas, Guiazim | Moquete, Princess Kaye

Discipline: Education

The Views of Parents of Unvaccinated Students on the Implementation of COVID-19 Vaccination

Cauring, Alnoury | Omisol, Victor Claidde

Discipline: Education

The Feasibility of Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass) Leaves Extract as Perfume

Cauring, Alnoury | Vertido, Bea Laurice | Vertido, Rea Clarice

Discipline: Education

The Perceptions of Cyberbullied Student–Victims on Cyberbullying and Their Life Satisfaction

Cauring, Alnoury | Mohammad, Celine | Bataga, Reneth Jade | Saracho,  Kassandra

Discipline: Education

The Perspective of Grade 10 Students of ARMM Regional Science High School on Listening to Various Songs in Their Study Habit

Cauring, Alnoury | Besana, Irich

Discipline: Education

COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptability during Pregnancy Among Bangsamoro Pregnant Women and their Spouses

Guiamalon, Tarhata | Cauring, Alnoury | Amir, Janelle Harshemel

Discipline: Education