Ms. Myla M. Arcinas





Senior High School Department, De La Salle University Integrated School 1004, Philippines

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Enabling Women for an Active Role in Community Development: A Women, Work and Development Project

Arcinas, Ms. Myla M.

Ang Mag-ina sa Panahon ng Feminisasyon ng Lakas Paggawa

Arcinas, Ms. Myla M.

Discipline: Economics, Social Science

Compliance to School Classroom Norms and Perceived School Climate among Senior High School Students in a Private University in Manila, Philippines

Arcinas, Ms. Myla M. | Ahorro, Adrian Miguelle T. | David, Ma. Rafaella | Molina, Joaquin V. | Pangilinan, Aimee Breanna Y.

Social Contagion of Astrology in the Social Media amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Arcinas, Ms. Myla M. | Lopez, Kristoffer Romulo B. | Gaticales, Natalia P. | Provido, Alliyah Vanessa C. | Santelices, Samantha Mae B.

A Correlation Study between Self-esteem and Romantic Jealousy among University Students

Arcinas, Ms. Myla M. | Go, Jenina Paula Y. | Chan, Jaeyanne A. | Dela Cruz, Mary Julianne T. | Gomez, Thrissa Marie

Mother-daughter Communication on Sexual and Reproductive Health: Correlations with Mothers’ Profile, Religiosity, and Attitudes towards Sexual and Reproductive Health

Arcinas, Ms. Myla M. | Chavez, Katrina Althea P. | Co, Maegan Helaena G. | Inocando, Trina Marie C.

Factors Influencing the Doctor of Medicine Career Choice Intention Among STEM Senior High School Students from a Private Educational Institution in Manila, Philippines

Arcinas, Ms. Myla M. | Amparo, Alexa Louise S. | Angeles, Audrey Carmela C. | Cabotaje, Angela Nicole M. | Seno, Marianne Rose T.

Authoritarian Mothering Experiences of Top-Performing Senior High School Students in the Philippines: Impact on Psychological, Emotional, and Social Health

Arcinas, Ms. Myla M. | Arenas, Samantha Ashley C. | Carlos, Meya Pauline A. | Chua, Ryanne Pauline S. | Maceda, Danela Kayla T.

Mothering Practices of Filipino Generation Z: Correlations with Personal Characteristics and State of Well-being

Arcinas, Ms. Myla M. | Bermal, Marian Lucille N. | Gaerlan, Paolo Miguel S. | Suarez, Jesley Eryne E. | Alberto, Raziel Alodia L.

SHS Students’ Engagement in Online Synchronous Collaborative Learning Activities: Correlations with Self-efficacy, Peer Social Support, Well-being and Academic Performance

Arcinas, Ms. Myla M. | Afable, Trisha Mae M. | Lamberto, Jilian Casandra D. | Ng, Trixia Anne Nicole P. | Umandap, Ashley Nicole S.