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The Effect of Ownership Structure and Audit Quality on Firm Performance

Dramani Angsoyiri

Impact of Incentive Management Strategies on Employee Performance among Telecommunication Firms in Kaduna Metroplis

Esther Yimi Bagobiri | Gadi Dung Paul

A Pre-Experimental Research on the Implementation of Selected Classroom Assessment Techniques for Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health

Almighty C. Tabuena

Shifts in Pharma-Marketing Trends in Post COVID-19 Era

Mahfuzur Rahman Khan | Kona Basak

Overview of the ARIMA Model Average Crude Oil Price Forecast and its Implications on the Indian Economy Post-Liberalization

Syed Mohammad Faisal | Ahmad Khalid Khan

The Effects of Science Intervention Material in the Academic Performance of Junior High School Students

Carlo Vincent J. Jordan

21st-Century Skills of Social Studies Students: Basis for a Proposed Training Program

Danilo V Rogayan Jr | Carlisle B. Gallardo | Jerrica T. Lacaste | Darley Joyce A. Roque

HR Analytics and Employee’s Performance Management: An Assessment Built on Existing Literature

Brijendra Chaudhary | Shweta Srivastava

Development and Validation of Learning Resource Materials in Upgrading Comprehension Skills of Senior High School Students

Reinel Lazaro Morelos

Building Change Detection in Myanmar using Image Processing

Ei Phyu Sin Win

Philippine Public Secondary Economics Teachers’ Level of Competence and Problems Felt in Terms of Curriculum Content, Instruction, and Assessment and Evaluation Procedures

Leonardo I. Cabauatan, Jr. | Darwin Don M. Dacles