vol. 1, no. 1 (2012)
IAMURE International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering and Technology


The IAMURE International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering and Technology aims to publish new discoveries in mathematics, engineering and technology which are contributed by member researchers from around the world.

The IAMURE International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering and Technology is an international peer reviewed journal that provides a venue for scholars to publish their research findings for advocacy and utilization.

Publisher: International Association of Multidisciplinary Research

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Category: Engineering Mathematics | Mathematics |

ISSN 2244-1603 (Online)

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Deterministic Model for Economic Utility of Conservation and Development Strategies

Apolinar T. Paulican

Discipline: Mathematics

Computer-Aided TV Receiver Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory Eeprom Dumper

Edelmarie Alcoran | Esmeraldo C. Danie | Mark Joseph Dellosa | Ritchie Simbulas

Discipline: Information Technology, Engineering

Flexi Drawing Instrument

Giussepe T. Cinches | Ruel B. Pangiligan | Francis B. Jeus Ibañez | Anacleta K. Perez

Discipline: Engineering

Buttonhole Slotter for the Garments Technology Shops

Aiza Bago | Dario Gawala | Eliza Talictic | Ian-jhel Tare

Discipline: Information Technology, Engineering

Hydraulic Jack Operated Valve Spring Compressor

Ambrosio S. Orillos | Allan Jaum | Marjun Cerezo | Josephine J. Baculta

Discipline: Engineering

Needs and Capabilities towards the Development of Web Services

Magdalena M. Ocbian | Michael P. Gamba | VIVIEN L. CHUA

Discipline: Information Technology

Product Development of Sea Cucumber Powder

Milagros C. Subaldo | Arlyn J. Omboy | Nila Nanette S. Revilla | Graciela L. Caballero

Discipline: Information Technology, Medicine

Atis (Annona Squamosa) Tea

Paulette Marcia I. Loma-ad | Ruth Miculob | Jane Mary Grace Remedio

Discipline: Technology

Acceptability of Mabolo "Diospyrus blancoi" Cake: Basis for a Proposed Technology Package

Regucivilla A. Pobar

Discipline: Technology, Business

Rainfall Forecasting Model in the Province of Isabela

Reyson P. Raymundo

Discipline: Technology

Demands of Globalization on Engineers as Perceived by Engineering Graduates, University of Northern Philipines

Aniceto R. Rialubin | Rey M. Basilio | Susana P. Racadio

Discipline: Education, Engineering, Study and Teaching