vol. 21, no. 2 (2010)


LUMINA (formerly KINAADMAN) is a refereed, interdisciplinary, research and scholarly journal of Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, published every October and March of each year by the HNU Publication Office. It publishes articles from HNU academic community, alumni, and other scholars from the Philippines and other countries throughout the globe. Research and scholarly papers in the basic and applied sciences, viz.: social, theological, philosophical, anthropological, natural and applied sciences, among others, and book reviews are accepted in this journal. LUMINA is a Latin word which means "light" or "illumination" - one which is indispensably needed by a person who is searching for something in a research, be it applied or pure. Therefore, the journal serves as the canticle of all the outputs of scholarly and professional research.

Publisher: Holy Name University

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Category: Education & Educational Research | Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary |

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Creativity and Chaos While Waking and Dreaming

Stanley Krippner | Ruth Richards | Frederick David Abraham

Discipline: Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality

When Language Means Power: A Sociolinguistic Study of Bill Clinton’s Between Hope and History: Meeting America’s Challenges for the 21st Century

Uzoechi Nwagbara

Discipline: Languages, Society, Sociolinguistic

A Postcolonial Analysis of the Literary and Cultural Consequences of the Abolition of the 18th Century Transatlantic Slave Trade on the Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria

Arinpe Adejumo

Discipline: Literature, History, Culture

Ezigbo Mmadu: An Anthropological Investigation into the Concept of a Good Person in Igbo Worldview

Chinyere Ukpokolo

Discipline: Philosophy, Sociology

A Critical Review of the Impact of Christianity on Calabar, a Nigerian City

Christian O. Uchegbue

Discipline: Religion, Sociology, Christianity

Gift and Responsibility: The Philosophy of Faith of St. Augustine

Alexis Deodato S. Itao

Discipline: Philosophy, Religion, Theology

Muthos and Logos as Oral Traditions in Greek Histories

Goke A. Akinboye

Discipline: History, Ancient History

The Yoruba Culture Of Aso Ebi (Group Uniform) In Socio-Ethical Context

O. O. Familusi

Discipline: Philosophy, Culture, Ethics

Heidegger, Derrida, and the Aporia of Death

Rafael D. Pangilinan

Discipline: Literature, Philosophy

The Practice of Democracy in Nigeria: The Pre-Colonial Antecedent

Victor Osaro Edo

Discipline: History

“Ori” As the Sole Determinant of Human Personality in Traditional Yoruba – African Thought

Oladele Balugun

Discipline: Philosophy, Human Personality

Story-Telling in the Service of Society: Exploring the Utilitarian Values of Nigerian Folktales

Ayo Kehinde

Discipline: Literature, Nigerian Folktales

Ifá and the Consequences of Literacy: A Philosophical Analysis

Omotade Adegbindin

Discipline: Philosophy, Culture

A Reading of Yoruba Traditional Proverbials as Socio-political Satire in Osundare’s Waiting Laughters

Emmanuel Folorunso Taiwo

Discipline: Literature, Culture, Political Sociology

Personhood and Abortion: An African Perspective

Ebunoluwa O. Oduwole

Discipline: Philosophy

Religion, Morality, and the Realities of the Nigerian Experience

Christopher Agulanna

Discipline: Social, Theological, Philosophical, Anthropological, Natural and Applied Sciences

The Life Story of Engr. Arturo Francisco Eustaquio (1909-1984)

Michael Vincent P. Caceres

Discipline: Religion, Theology

A Discourse of the Indigenous Worldview in the Doctrinal Construct of MFM

Ademola Ajayi

Discipline: Religion, Theology, Social, Anthropological, Philosophical Sciences

The Imperativeness of Professional Ethics in Religious Studies Scholarship in Nigeria

Jacob Kehinde Ayantayo

Discipline: Social, Theological, Philosophical, Anthropological, Natural and Applied Sciences

Acts 4:32-37: The Communal Life of the Early Church as a Panacean Measure For Reducing Poverty among Christians in Nigeria

A.j. Adelakun

Discipline: Social, Theological, Philosophical, Anthropological, Natural and Applied Sciences