vol. 27, no. 1 (2017)
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Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Argentina

Sebastian Auguste | Alejandro Bricker

The Impact of Remitances on the Youth’s Human Resource Development, Employment, and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Philippine CBMS Data

Christopher James R. Cabuay

Evaluating Government Programs for Enhancing the Welfare of the Youth Towards Entrepreneurship

Mitzie Irene P. Conchada | Marites Tiongco | Paulynne J. Castillo | Divina M. Edralin

Role of Education in Encouraging Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship

Brian C. Gozun | John Paolo R. Rivera

Determining the Credit Risk Factors in Accessing Debt Financing for Entrepreneurial Actvities

Junette A. Perez | Denmark C. Alarcon | Mar Andriel S. Umali

Togolese Informal Sector Workers’ Willingness to Pay for Access to Social Protection

Esso-hanam Atake | Agbodji

Making Social Health Insurance and Micro-Savings Programs Work for the Informal Sector in the Philippines

Mitzie Irene P. Conchada | Marites Tiongco

International Trade and Unemployment: Evidence From Selected ASEAN+3 Countries

Atif Awad | Ishak Yussof

Transformational Leadership, Job Satisfaction, and Intention to Quit: A Sequential Mediation Model of Meaning in Work and Work Engagement

Mohammed Yasin Ghadi

The Economics of Brand and Marketing Actives

Mehir Baidya | Bipasha Maity | Kamal Ghose

Market Sensing Capability and Product Innovation Advantages in Emerging Markets: The Case of Market Entry Quality and Marketing Performance of Batik Industry in Indonesia

Gita Sugiyart | Elia Ardyan

Forecasting the Term Structure of Philippine Interest Rates Using the Dynamic Nelson-Siegel Model

Elvira P. De Lara-tuprio | Ramil T. Bataller | Allen Dominique D. Torres | Emmanuel A. Cabral | Proceso L. Fernandez Jr.

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Perfecto Aquino
1 yr ago

May I know if I can submit 2 of my articles one conducted in Vietnam and the other one in the Philippines. One is all about Delay Handling Operations in Vietnam Airlines and the other one is on Inventory Management Practices of a Home Grown Coffee A Road Map to Competitive Edge. Thanks for your reply.