vol. 5, no. 1 (2013)
IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research


The IAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research aims to publish new discoveries in the various disciplines of knowledge which are contributed by member researchers from around the world. The IAMURE Journal is an international peer reviewed and multidisciplinary journal that provides a venue for scholars to publish their research findings for advocacy and utilization.

Publisher: International Association of Multidisciplinary Research

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ISSN 2244-0429 (Online)

ISSN 2243-8327 (Print)

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Utilizing Simulation to Build a Retail Store Inventory Optimization Model

Vicente Salvador E. Montano | Michael E. Carter Ii

Discipline: Economics, Business

Listening Skills of Teachers and Classroom Environment of Public and Secondary Schools

Kathy Jane B. Juarez | Ruby Serrano

Discipline: Education

Time, Language, Culture and Attitude: Barriers to Students’ Academic Achievement

Heidi P. Banuelos | Ana Helena R. Lovitos

Discipline: Education, Languages, Art

Pedagogy of Love as Distinct Character on the Benefit of Teacher Training to Students’ Learning

Alvin O. Cayogyog

Discipline: Education

Parental Involvement and Student Readiness in Mathematics in the Secondary Schools

Mary Mar Esmaña | Realino Z. Carpiano

Discipline: Education

Students’ Interest in Engineering and Average Final Grade in Mathematics as Factors in Program Retention

Jake M. Laguador

Discipline: Education

Readiness of Students and its Influence on Academic Grades of Students in College Algebra

Gaudencio G. Abellanosa

Discipline: Education

Professional and ICT Efficacy Plan of Instructors Based on their Training Needs at the University of Cebu Campuses, Philippines

Jonathan O. Etcuban

Discipline: Education

Audience Perceptions on the Probable Transformation of Laro ng Lahi into Dance

Las Johansen B. Caluza | Jerry E. Mores

Discipline: Education, Performing Arts

Scaffolding of Instruction, Cooperative Training, Activation of Prior Knowledge as Predictors of Student Achievement in Literature Courses

Gaudencio G. Abellanosa

Discipline: Education

High Level of Client Satisfaction on the Business One-Stop Program of a Local Government Unit

Marilou M. Gabiana | Gerlieta S. Ruiz

Discipline: Economics, Social Science, Business

Sanitation Practices of the Residents of a Community in an Asian Developing Country

Marjorie Astorias-Española | Mary Joy D. Bantillo

Apprehension in Language Learning Anxiety as Significant Correlate of Oral Performance in English of College Freshmen

Elden D. Orbeta | Ariel E. San Jose

Discipline: Languages, Art