Article List (w/ Gender Studies Discipline)

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Pinoy cyborg sexualities | Chatroom masculinities | Self-ascribed identities | Ephemeral selves

Discipline: Genetic Engineering, Sexuality, Gender Studies

Truth Telling, Forgiveness, Healing: Keys to Gender Mainstreaming in the Judiciary

Discipline: Gender Studies

Homosexual Students: Their Acceptability in the Community

Discipline: Social Science, Gender Studies

The Problematics of Homosexuality: Can Foucault Liberate the Gays? (An Exposition, Evaluation, and Critical Analysis of Homosexuality)

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Gender Studies

Filipino Women on the Cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine

Discipline: Sexuality, Gender Studies, Advertising

Mariposa sa Likod ng Rehas: Coping Mechanisms of Homosexual Inmates

Discipline: Sociology, Sexuality, Gender Studies

Gender Sensitivity in the News Reportage of Women and Issues on the Front Page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star

Discipline: Mass Communication, Gender Studies

Women, Media, and Human Rights: A Historical Approach to Gender Equality, the Cases of Korea and the Philippines

Discipline: Gender Studies, Media

Piloting a Community-Based Male Participation Program for Gender and Development

Discipline: Gender Studies

The Impact of Local Armed Conflict on the Family Life of Women in Three Agusan del Norte Villages

Discipline: Developmental Studies, Gender Studies

The Role of Women in the Yakan Weaving the Maintenance and Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Discipline: Social Science, Sexuality, Gender Studies

Retired Professional Women Educators in Government Service and the Socio- Cultural Development of the Province of Zambales: A Case Study

Discipline: Education, Social Science, Gender Studies

Women’s Political Participation in the Province of Batangas

Discipline: Governance, Gender Studies

Problematics of Homosexuality: Can Foucault Liberate The Gays? (An Exposee, an Evaluation, and a Critical Analysis of the Phenomenon of Homosexuality)

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Sexuality, Gender Studies

Gender, Rank, and Teaching Hours as Predictors of Research Productivity among Higher Education Faculty

Discipline: Education, Gender Studies, Social Studies

Strengthening the Protection for Women Migrant Workers

Discipline: Law, Gender Studies

Factors that Influence the Achievement of an Affirmative Gay Identity

Discipline: Gender Studies, Social Studies

Gender Differences in Scientific Productivity of Academic Scientists in the Philippines

Discipline: Sociology, Gender Studies

Effects of Gender and Social Status on How Filipinos Perceive Political Candidates

Discipline: Gender Studies, Social Studies

Establishing Gender Structural Invariance of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)

Discipline: Education Administration, Gender Studies

Dissecting the Glass Ceiling: Leadership Stereotypes and Gender Discrimination as Perceived by Filipino Managers

Discipline: Gender Studies, Social Studies