vol. 10, no. 1 (2022)
Recoletos Multidisciplinary Research Journal


The Recoletos Multidisciplinary Research Journal is the official Journal of Higher Education of the University of San Jose-Recoletos, Cebu City, and is published bi-annually by the Center for Policy, Research & Development Studies (CPRDS), in December and June. It is an open venue dedicated to the promotion of knowledge in various disciplines. It adheres to the policy that all articles contained therein must meet the rigors of an independent peer review system and editing to ensure that the publication possesses scientific and academic merit.

Publisher: University of San Jose - Recoletos

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Timeless Existence and Principle of Creation: Notions Embedded in John 1:1, “In the Beginning Was the Word”

Emiliano C. De Catalina

Discipline: Philosophy, Religion

Ratooning Response of Lowland Rice (Oryza sativa L.) var. PSB Rc22 to Production Management Practices

Dionesio M Banoc | Victor B. Asio

Discipline: Mathematics, Science

Paternal Resilience in Time of Pandemic: A Phenomenological Inquiry on the Experiences of Fathers of Children with Autism

Sarah Therese P. Jardenil | Dennis V. Madrigal

Discipline: Culture, Society

An Inquiry into the Problems Concerning Filipino Values and Norms

Jiolito L. Benitez

Discipline: Culture, Society

Correlating the Psychological and Spiritual Well-Being of Junior High School Students in Selected Catholic Schools in Central Philippines

Chris Feli Joy P. Tajonera | Dennis V. Madrigal

Discipline: Culture, Society

Construction of Difference Sets from Unions of Cyclotomic Classes of Order N=14

Benedict M. Estrella

Discipline: Mathematics, Science

The Properties of Interlocking Directorates in the Philippines: An Exploratory Analysis

Stevenson Q Yu

Discipline: Business

The Infusion of Folk Catholicism to Tambal Binisaya as an Indigenous Healing System in Iligan City

Lourd Greggory D. Crisol | Efren Jone J Oledan

Discipline: Culture, Society

Modeling Employee Retention Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: An Econometric Approach

Dennis T. Caredo | Argina M. Pomida | Angelita L. Paradero | Leomarich F. Casinillo

Discipline: Business

Development of Science Research Culture in Basic Education: A Theory Generation

Joje Mar P. Sanchez

Discipline: Education

Cognitive Dimension of Learning Using Garden-Based Education towards Sustainability: A Meta-Synthesis

Jennifer D. Paño | Jeralden R. Jumao-as | Marchee Picardal

Discipline: Education

The Yapian Classification of the Vocabulary of the Austronesian Visayan-Cebuano Language

Joanna Z. De Catalina | Emiliano C. De Catalina

Discipline: Culture, Society

Understanding the Suicide Phenomenon from the Perspectives of the Loss Survivors

Randy E. Pederi

Discipline: Culture, Society

The Community of Inquiry Instructional Strategies Impact on Student Satisfaction on Remote Learning

Mary Gretchen F. Chaves

Discipline: Education

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