vol. 4, no. 1 (2024)
PAPSCU Excellent Academic Research Link (PEARL) Bulletin


PAPSCU Bulletin is the official research publication of the Philippine Association of Private Schools Colleges and Universities Excellent Academic Research Link PAPSCU PEARL. These are scholarly outputs of faculty members and students across all disciplines from PAPSCU member schools. The papers are multidisciplinary and have significant contribution in the operations of the researchers respective institutions. PAPSCU Bulletin is peer reviewed and published annually.

Publisher: Philippine Association of Private Schools, Colleges, and Universities (PAPSCU)

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ISSN 2350-8027 (Online)

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Impact of Boys’ Love Genre on LGBTQIA+ Representation

Augustus Jeremy B Artates | Russel C Bautista | Charmane P Peroso | Anna Liza A Ramos | Elena R. Manalo

Discipline: novel

Hijab: A Symbol of Femininity and Power among Muslim Women in the Philippines

Joyy F Cuadra

Discipline: Sociology

A Phenomenological Inquiry on the Struggles and Aspirations of the First-Generation Female Graduates

Maryann H Lanuza | Ronald A Gonzales | Simplicio Alba | Neil P Aligam | Lielanie O Barrion

Discipline: Sociology

Boon or Bane: Social Media’s Role in Gender and Development Sensitivity of Students

Joana Fe B Panganiban | Rey Marco Z. Casiño | Daizelene C. Jabrica

Discipline: media studies

Alaga ni Mommy: A Content Analysis of Select Video Advertisements of Baby and Childcare Products to Gauge Gendered Depiction of Parenthood

Dayielle Menchie C Fidel

Discipline: media studies

Disaster Risk Reduction Management Behaviors of Mothers from Disaster-Prone Adopted Communities of a Local College in Laguna

Gerby Muya | Renante Artificio | Laarni Pesigan | Sheena May Manggao | Ivan Jorelle Opena | Rolando Almeda Jr | Nina Torreta | Arman Navarro | Sherlene Hibek | Tessie Opulencia | Roden Reuteraz

Discipline: information services

Exploring Implicit Gender Biases among Graduate Education Fellows of San Pablo Colleges: Towards Enhanced Inclusivity and Equality

Bernardo C. Lunar | Ruffa Mae P Arenial | Edmerson B Geronimo

Discipline: Education

Unveiling Generational Patterns: Examining the Intergenerational Transmission of Intimate Partner Violence and Impacts on Partner Victimization and Perpetration

Alexie Basileyo | Jansen Marcos Cambia

Discipline: Psychology and Health