Article List (w/ Anthropology Discipline)

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Mediating Agency: Monterona’s Art and Mindanao Social Realities

Bañez, Ma. Arve B.

Discipline: Art, Anthropology

The Anthropological Approach to the Problem of God

Lantin, Emmanuel

Discipline: Theology, Anthropology

Knowledge and Passion: Ilongot Notions of Self and Social Life

Salazar, Robert C.

Discipline: Anthropology

Reinstating Functionalism in Anthropological Theory

Diaz, Manuel P.

Discipline: Anthropology

The Filipino Social Imagination in Regional Context

Mulder, Niels

Discipline: Anthropology

Springkling Some Grains of Theism with Nietzsche’s Atheistic Dictum: “God is Dead”

Mansueto, Menelito P.

Discipline: Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology

Cultural Pluralism and the Quest for an Enduring Political System in Nigeria

Ajayi, Ademola

Discipline: Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology, Social Studies

The Unalterability of the Yoruba Concept of Destiny

Labeodan, Helen Adekunbi

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Anthropology

Iya-Agbebi, Traditional Birth Attendant in Yoruba Setting and the Issues on HIV and AIDS

Oke, Ruth Oluwakemi

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Anthropology

Moral Implications of Eugenics

Man-on, Protacio

Discipline: Science, Anthropology, Applied Sciences

Changing Roles of Yoruba Women as an Issue in National Development and Family Stability

Oke, Ruth Oluwakemi | Familusi, O. O.

Discipline: Anthropology

Lexicalisation in News Stories of Some Nigerian National Newspapers

Alo, Moses | Ogungbe, Ebenezer Oluseun

Discipline: Anthropology

Chieftaincy Titles in Yorubaland and their Implication for Growth and Tolerance Among Christians and Muslims

Lateju, F. T. | Oladosu, Olusegun

Discipline: Anthropology

Influence of Culture Over Marital Love and Fidelity in Antiquity and Ugboha People of Edo State

Aneni, Monica Omoye

Discipline: Anthropology

Saan Nga Ba Nanggaling Ang Tao?

Abulad, Romualdo E.

Discipline: Anthropology

Panahunang-Tawiran: Ang Tawirang Pag-aakma ng mga Sambal Ayta sa Pabago-bagong Panahon

De Guzman, Ma. Teresa Guanzon

Discipline: Social Science, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Cultural Ecology

Kolonisasyon at mga Inuming Nakalalasing ng mga Sinaunang Bisaya ng Samar at Leyte = Colonization and Alcoholic Beverages of Early Visayans from Samar and Leyte

Demeterio Iii, Feorillo P.

Discipline: Social Science, Anthropology

Ang Ethnographer / Field Worker: Sa Pagitan ng Damdamin at Isipan = The Ethnographer / Field Worker: Caught Between the Heart and Mind

Dagmang, Ferdinand D.

Discipline: Social Science, Anthropology