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Teachers’ Acceptability and Use of Accommodations for Students with Special Needs in the General Education Classrooms

Mc Kerwin Ni┼ło M. Acdal

Young Criminologists in the Teaching Practice: Plight and Aspirations

Paulino V. Pioquinto | Reynaldo O. Cuizon | Mauro Allan P. Amparado

Project SMARTER as an Intervention towards Intensifying Action Research Competencies of Basic Education Teachers

Polemer M. Cuarto

Efficacy of Innovated Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine Trainer: It’s Technical Enhancement to Grade 12 Senior HS Students

Jefford Vinson E. Valdehueza

Colored Overlays: An Intervention Tool in Reading for the Grade Two Learners

Tiffany Ivana J. Geonzon

Broiler Performance and Meat Quality in Response to Different Kinds and Levels of Bio-Organic Supplements

Alex F. Jaya

Solid Waste Management and Disaster Preparedness of At-Risk Municipalities of Zamboanga del Norte

Evangeline A. Mansanadez

Whole Brain Teaching: Approach for Improving the Memorization Skills of Learners with Mild Intellectual Disability (MID)

Maridel R. Mugot

Development of Chalk from Selected Herbs as Cockroach (Periplaneta americana) Repellents

Raphael Kevin I Nagal

Effect Determination of Kaaraman Ko, Iwaras Ko: A Community Extension Program

Ronnie B. Rubi

Conflict Management Styles of Educational Managers in Selected Higher Educational Institution in Sulu: Vis-à-vis Teaching Performance

Aurizia D. Siraji

Perceptions of Senior High School Students and Teachers on the Course Introduction to Philosophy of the Human Person

Jomabier N. Telan

Perceived Personality Traits of Deaf Students of Cagayan de Oro National High School: Basis for Intervention

Jelvett Mynne S. Faelden | Sol J. Dalonos

Higher LEAP: Learning Area Coordinators’ Leadership Approaches and Faculty Performance in a Philippine University

John Robby Robiños | Romelia J. Perez | Edelina Jonas