vol. 53, no. 3 (2023)
JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research Journal


The JPAIR Multidisciplinary Journal aims to publish new discoveries in the various disciplines of knowledge which are contributed by member researchers from around the world. The JPAIR Multidisciplinary Journal is an international peer reviewed and multidisciplinary journal that provides a venue for scholars to publish their research findings for advocacy and utilization.

Publisher: Philippine Association of Institutions for Research

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ISSN 2244-0445 (Online)

ISSN 2012-3981 (Print)

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Flexible Learning in Higher Education Institution: Experiences of Instructors in a Private Higher Institution

Jane Paderog

Discipline: Education

Moral and Spiritual Recovery Program (MSRP): A Gender-Responsive Action Addressing the Different Challenges Faced by the Students

Dexter M. Palanas | Victorina De Torres Palanas

Discipline: Education

Multidimensional Assessment of the Delivery of Grade 1 Classes under Modular Instruction

Christa Capilitan

Discipline: Education

Contribution of Agama Arbitration Council as an Alternative Mode for Conflict Resolution Adopted By Shari’ah Courts in South Central Mindanao

Saidamin P. Bagolong

Discipline: Education

Revalidation of the Developed Learning Material in Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry in IDEA Format

Joan Saavedra | Jeruel Canceran | Victorina De Torres Palanas

Discipline: Education

Use of Video-Based Instruction With Code-Switching To Improve Students’ Attitudes And Performance

Rose Ann Deparon

Discipline: Education

Restoration of Ecological Management Practices among Keys Attractions in 2nd District of Albay: A Basis for Sustainable Tourism Operations

Justin Longaza

Discipline: Education

Digital Competence, Attitude, and Technology Utilization in Physical Education: Implication to Instructional Strategy

Oman Belisario

Discipline: Education

The Administration of Moral Governance in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Government

Nasrudin Yusof | Saidamin P. Bagolong

Discipline: Education

Development of Diagnostic Test in Reading for Grade 7

Art Mangubat

Discipline: Education