vol. 2, no. 5 (2022)
Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal


Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal is an open-access international peer-reviewed journal that publishes research findings that contribute significantly to the understanding and developing of psychological and educational processes. PEMJ contains research results from many fields, methodological methods, and multidisciplinary research such as anthropology, history, philosophy, economics, business, linguistics, geography, or political science.

Publisher: Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal

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Teachers' Awareness and Schools' Responsiveness to the Child Protection Policy

Aljim Alombro | Roxanne Bermejo | Decie Cabullo | Shirley Teodoro | Crizel Joy Velasco | Angela Villanueva | Jergen Jel Labaria

Discipline: Education

Students’ Perception on Ka-Agapay Project: Basis for Project Sustainability

Rezve Sael | Romer Loquinario | Queenah Gutierrez | Mark Maravillas

Discipline: Education

Effect of Teachers’ Action Research Difficulties on Perceived Valuation and Impact on Teaching in Gutalac I District

Mark Maravillas

Discipline: Education

The Level of Mental Health Literacy of Filipino Adults in Metro Manila at the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

Antonette Rey | Ronald Goño | Ma. Jessa Misalang | Jelena Espiritu | Alyza Jane Bangayan | Gary Dy

Discipline: Education

A Quantitative Study on the School Performance Level of Camalig District and Its Status During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Vivian Llana

Discipline: Education

The Google Productivity Tools Skills of Teachers Basis for Training-Workshop

Daisy Marie Lucas

Discipline: Education

Survival in Times of Adversity Among Active Military Personnel with Local-Armed Conflict Exposure

Camille De Leon

Discipline: Education

Dispositional Antecedents of Statistics Anxiety and Its Influence on Statistics Performance Among Senior High School Students: A Structural Equation Modeling

Rhodora Aquino | Freda Kate D. Samuel

Discipline: Education

Preschoolers’ Use of Computer Games: Basis for Parental and Educational Direction

Clarissa Ayangco-Derramas

Discipline: Education

The Life of the Laters: Students Procrastination in Accomplishing Academic Deadlines in Online Learning

Jean Louise Olleras | Marissa Dagwayan | Aliann Marie Dejacto | Jenny Rose Mangay | Medalyn Ebarsabal | Dinah Jean Diaz | Christine Puti-an | Andrew Lendio | Joan Nadera | Jingoy D Taneo | Cyril Cabello | Antonieta Minyamin

Discipline: Education