vol. 14, no. 4 (2023)
Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal


Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal is an open-access international peer-reviewed journal that publishes research findings that contribute significantly to the understanding and developing of psychological and educational processes. PEMJ contains research results from many fields, methodological methods, and multidisciplinary research such as anthropology, history, philosophy, economics, business, linguistics, geography, or political science.

Publisher: Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal

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Internalized Misogyny as Correlates to Experiences with Ambivalent Sexism Among Female Engineering Student: Basis for SAGIP Gender Awareness Program

Sigrid Cruz | Sheena Mae Alagos | Eyer Toofiel Macarubbo | Mikhaella Obispo | Erica Joy Puntual

Discipline: Education

Assessing User Satisfaction and Usability of a University Portal: A Quantitative Study Utilizing the Computer System Usability Questionnaire (CSUQ)

Adelfa Acala | Hidear Talirongan

Discipline: Education

Zoom Fatigue as a Social Phenomenon: Perspectives of MAEd Social Studies Students

Victor Dames Atillo | Emma Ceballo

Discipline: Education

Nurturing Young Minds: Effective Strategies for Early Childhood Education

Anna Liza Magbanua

Discipline: Education

Into the Unknown: Lived Experiences of the Selected Public-School Teachers in Conducting Action Research in the New Normal

Ryan Tura

Discipline: Education

Supervisory Practices of School Heads: Teachers’ Perspectives

Lenabel Catcalin

Discipline: Education

Acceptability and Marketability of Tomato, Carrot and Moth Beans as Flavors of Ice Cream

Thommy Laurence Esteron

Discipline: Education

The Instructional Supervisory Competencies of Master Teachers in the Division of Rizal: Inputs for an Enhanced Professional Development Program

Sonny Matias

Discipline: Education

Psychological Ownership, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Perceived Job Performance of Employees in PHEIs: A COVID-19 Pandemic Context

Fatimae Delos Santos

Discipline: Education

Level of Influence of Recorded Video Lesson to Learners’ Academic Performance in English

Rowela Huilar | Myra Ambalong

Discipline: Education