vol. 8, no. 5 (2023)
Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal


Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal is an open-access international peer-reviewed journal that publishes research findings that contribute significantly to the understanding and developing of psychological and educational processes. PEMJ contains research results from many fields, methodological methods, and multidisciplinary research such as anthropology, history, philosophy, economics, business, linguistics, geography, or political science.

Publisher: Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal

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Dance Workshop for the Preservice Elementary Teachers: Reinforcing Perceived Competence in Folk Dance

Janice No | Vincent Esguerra

Discipline: Education

Vocabulary Acquisition of a Four-Year-Old Child Through Piaget’s Accommodation Theory

Helen Mazo

Discipline: Education

Challenges and Coping Mechanisms of Teachers Teaching English Online: Basis for Action Plan

Rosel Pardillo | Erlinda Basmayor

Discipline: Education

Kindergarten Implementation During Pandemic: Their Access to Quality Early Childhood Education

Cherry Rose Alba | Sabrina Irenea | Christian Labad | Elreen Aguilar-Delavin

Discipline: Education

Self-Esteem, Factors of Discontinued Studies, and Compensatory Behaviors: the Lived Experiences of Discontinued Students from the College of Engineering and Architecture of the Cebu Institute of Technology - University

Jica Abella | Lovely Karoline Agudo | Marella Desirae Amaba | Denessa Merlle Monacillo | Harvey Talaugon | Ronald Yrog-Irog

Discipline: Education

Level of Stress and Coping Strategies Among Paramedical Students at Cebu Institute of Technology - University

Jediael Faith Abatayo | Eric Jade Aliganga | Lyndee Arnoco | Kris Jumy Glariana | Lutchie Ann Mamado | Shaina Mae Oliveros | Fabianmie Unabia | Ronald Yrog-Irog

Discipline: Education

Information and Communications Technology Skills and Digital Literacy of Senior High School Students

Janine Mae Galve | Ronniel Labio

Discipline: Education

Negative Behaviors, Emotional Stress and Depressive Symptoms of Children with Substance Dependent Parents: Towards an Intervention Program

Ronald Yrog-Irog

Discipline: Education

Midsayap Municipal Library and Information Center (MMLIC): Students’ Awareness, Access, and Usage

Joey Aragon | Ivy Mae Bura-Ay | Wilson James Limos

Discipline: Education

Work Immersion Skills of Grade 12 TVL Students During the Pandemic in Santa Cruz North Cluster, Division Of Marinduque: Basis for Intervention Program

Lowellyn Peñarendonda

Discipline: Education