vol. 16, no. 8 (2023)
Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal


Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal is an open-access international peer-reviewed journal that publishes research findings that contribute significantly to the understanding and developing of psychological and educational processes. PEMJ contains research results from many fields, methodological methods, and multidisciplinary research such as anthropology, history, philosophy, economics, business, linguistics, geography, or political science.

Publisher: Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal

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Belief in the Young: Journey of SPED Receiving Teachers in Teaching Learners with Special Education Needs

Ramen Jay Dumilig | Asmirah Abdulrahman

Discipline: Education

Motivational Climate in Colleges and Universities as a Function of Performance-Based Teaching Behavior Among Physical Education Teachers

Junald Jay Versano | Pedrito Castillo

Discipline: Education

Academic Stress and Coping Strategies of Learning Mathematics Through Modular Instruction

Via Marie Joy Corpuz | Fe Janiola | Ethel Nabor

Discipline: Mathematics

Factors Affecting Mathematics Performance in Modular Learning

Cherry Mae Bag-o | Ethel Nabor | Fe Janiola

Discipline: Mathematics

Improve Self-Monitoring of Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) Utilization of Daraga North District School Heads Through E-MOOE Utilization Template

Ryan Ludovice

Discipline: Psychology

What Works in a Pandemic?: Maximizing FB Messenger to Monitor, Assess and Evaluate Outputs of Selected SCES Grade Six Pupils

Ma.Luiza Geli | Catherine Cabañero | Jocelyn Labrador

Discipline: Education

Levels of Self-Efficacy of Student-Mother

Angel Lhi Alcalde | Heavenly Faith Cantomayor | Johanah Dagadas | Jenie Hernane | Clyde Allyah Tuya

Discipline: Psychology

Construction and Validation of a Scale on the Different Sources of Conceptual Understanding of Conic Sections

Janwin Magas | Dominga Valtoribio

Discipline: Psychology

The Layers of Suffering of the Selected Tragic Heroes in the Holy Scripture

Marie Rose Costes

Discipline: heritage studies

Preparations of Parents for the New Normal Classes: A Cross-Case Analysis

Karl Alvin Aglibot

Discipline: Education