vol. 8, no. 4 (2023)
Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal


Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal is an open-access international peer-reviewed journal that publishes research findings that contribute significantly to the understanding and developing of psychological and educational processes. PEMJ contains research results from many fields, methodological methods, and multidisciplinary research such as anthropology, history, philosophy, economics, business, linguistics, geography, or political science.

Publisher: Psychology and Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal

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Resilience and Productivity of Teachers Vis-à-vis Social Isolation and Stress During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Framework Development of a Holistic Educational Organization’s Support System

Jerico Padrones | Katherine H. Cuanan | Romelyn T. Dacanay | Tirso Segundo

Discipline: Education

Academic Performance and Learning Anxiety in English of Elementary Pupils in Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

Quirr Millendez

Discipline: Education

Basic Psychological Needs and Motivation in Mathemathics Performance of Junior High School Students

Joseph Bacsarpa

Discipline: Education

Perceived Stress, Well-Being, and Coping Strategies of Grade 12 Students in a Catholic Private Senior High School Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Trisha Danielle Cajucom | Icha Dale Bulusan | Shannieh Zea Margarette Dulay | John Paulo Diaz | Railey Cj Maejan | Reshalyn Naval | Yda Mariae Tiongson | Attilio Iapichino | Czerilou Quibuyen | Mark Balonquita | Julimie Patricio | Mary Ann Reyes

Discipline: Education

The Influence of Parenting Style, Involvement, and Self-Efficacy on Intermediate Learners’ Motivation

Junge B. Guillena | Hazel Bliss Mediodia | Camilo Baldonado

Discipline: Education

Parents as Study Buddies: the Role of the Parents in the Implementation of Modular Learning Program

Joel Gutierrez

Discipline: Education

Strategies and Challenges Encountered by the Teachers in Implementing Modular Distance Learning: Impact on Students' Academic Performance

Romel Lagrio | Lilian San Jose

Discipline: Education

Coping with the COVID-19 Education Crisis: an Investigation of the Experiences and Challenges of Parents in Supporting Distance Learning

Joana Marie Delos Reyes

Discipline: Education

Out-of-Field Teaching: the Endeavors of Junior High School Teachers Teaching NonSpecialized Subjects

Jemarie Aventura | Michelle Vina

Discipline: Education

Hands on Wheels (HOW):A Work Immersion Avenue for Students Under MDL

Paul Angelo Robles

Discipline: Education